Forever an Entrepreneur and Teacher at Heart

Our Story

Justin Garritt founded Garritt Financial Solutions LLC in Baltimore, Maryland in 2019.

Growing up in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, Justin was always fascinated by investments and business. Nevertheless, he committed himself to a career in education. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Castleton University in Vermont with a minor in Business, Justin achieved his Masters and Advanced Certificate in Education from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland while also teaching full-time in Baltimore City Public Schools.

Since then, Justin has dedicated the past ten years and counting to students in Baltimore City Public Schools. He has proudly guided over 1,000 students in developing not only math and critical thinking skills, but positive and asset-based mindsets to help them flourish beyond the classroom.

Interestingly, the beginning of Justin's teaching career coincided with his introduction to the world of finance. Specifically, he noticed a financial advisor “working” exclusively with young, right-out-of-college clients and making choices to benefit himself more than supporting these vulnerable teachers’ futures. Dismayed to find this pattern impacting friends and family working in education, fire and police departments, and healthcare throughout our country, Justin realized that those who sacrifice the most were being manipulated, not served.

This sparked a passion – a newfound sense of responsibility – to learn about the financial world and assist friends and loved ones in navigating these often murky waters. After reading nearly every financial book in the local library, Justin spoke to everyone in the finance profession who would listen. Guided by their advice, he created a plan and executed it with fidelity. Testing his financial knowledge on his own personal accounts, Justin followed an intentional budget, lived below his income, aligned spending to his values, invested regularly, and saw his net worth grow exponentially in only a few years on a teacher’s salary. He began sharing strategies and financially coaching interested friends, family members, and colleagues to great success.

After years of planning, rigorous coursework through Boston University, successful completion of certification exams, and registering as an official LLC, Justin announced the formation of Garritt Financial Solutions LLC in 2019. In his inaugural letter, Justin wrote:

Part of why America’s wealth gap is widening is because our financial system is not set up to support middle class Americans. It infuriates me that selfless and dedicated educators, healthcare professionals, and first responders are kept from the high quality, unbiased, affordable financial services often reserved for those contributing far less to society. So-called “financial professionals” who earn commission by selling you expensive life insurance plans or unnecessary 403b products do not deserve your trust or investment! We are tired of seeing my fellow overworked, underappreciated, service-minded Americans have their financial futures taken out from under them, unable to live the life of their dreams.

Teachers, nurses, first responders and young professionals deserve better!

Our promise at Garritt Financial Solutions LLC is simple:

● We will forever be independent, meaning we will always work for you and never the banks or insurance companies.

● We pledge to never sell you anything that is not in your best interest.

● We pledge to remain a teacher at heart by educating you about your investments and your financial plan.

● We will strive to learn more and operate this business with a lean mentality, providing you the best and most affordable comprehensive financial service.

Justin Garritt, Founder and Registered Investment Advisor of Garritt Financial Solutions LLC