We offer Comprehensive Financial Planning, Project-Based Financial Planning, and Investment Management.

We are on your team. We receive no outside commissions. There are no load fees. There are no surrender fees. You are never locked into a contract. We do not sell products. We pride ourselves on upfront pricing and transparent fee structures. Only fee-only advisors can make this promise. It is our hope that we generate significant value to you and your family for decades to come.

Comprehensive Financial Planning (Most Popular Option!)

This service involves working one-on-one with a planner over an extended period of time. By paying a fixed monthly fee, you work with a planner who will develop and help implement your financial plan. The planner will monitor the plan, recommend any changes, and ensure the plan is up to date. We prefer working together on an ongoing basis because the planning process tends to be more successful when we can make sure you learn and understand each piece of your plan while implementing it together. We hope to be your partner and advisor to properly make adjustments to your plan to align with your life as it changes.

With the comprehensive plan option, we guide you to establish your financial goals and values. You provide information to help complete the following areas of analysis: net worth, cash flow, insurance, travel planning, credit scores/reports, employee benefits, retirement planning, insurance, investments, college planning, and estate planning. Once your information is analyzed, we build a comprehensive plan that is tailored specifically to your life goals. Your plan, financial situation, and goals are monitored over time and reviewed regularly to assess for necessary modifications to your plan as needed.

Cost: This popular service consists of an upfront fixed fee followed by an annual fee billed monthly for convenience. The upfront portion is for Client onboarding, data gathering, and the development of your financial plan and is generally $600 for single individuals and $900 for couples. You can choose to make a deposit of $100 followed by the remaining balance due upon delivery of your financial plan.

After the delivery of your financial plan, we charge an annual fixed fee that is billed monthly for ongoing comprehensive financial planning for $125 (single) and $175 (couples) per month. This covers the implementation of your plan and regularly modifying it as life changes.

We offer a generous upfront and monthly cost reduction for young professionals just getting started on their financial journey who choose this option!

This service is perfect for people looking for assistance with the implementation of their plan, an accountability coach, and a partner to help them reach their long-term goals.

Learn more about our process and what we do here: Our Financial Planning Process & What We Do


Project-Based Financial Planning Service

We provide project-based financial planning services on selected topics such as retirement planning, risk management, college savings, travel planning, cash flow, debt management, and work benefits. This does not include ongoing support and implementation.

By purchasing this service you will receive a written or an electronic report, with a detailed financial plan.

Cost: This service is $1,000 for single individuals and $1,500 for couples. Half is due upfront and the remainder is due upon receipt of your financial project.

This service is great if you have a "do-it-yourself" philosophy and does not include ongoing implementation and changes of your plan.


Investment Management Services

This service provides you with individually tailored investment portfolios aimed at meeting your short and long-term objectives. Our firm provides continuous advice to you regarding the investment of your funds based on your individual needs. Through personal discussions, which we look at your specific goals and objectives, we develop a personal investment plan with an asset allocation target and create and manage a portfolio based on that plan, your allocation target, and tax considerations. We facilitate account transfers, complete trades, and periodically rebalance your assets as needed. We use a low-cost, broadly diversified approach built with Vanguard funds. You are free to impose reasonable restrictions on investing in certain securities, types of securities, or industry sectors. Our fee for this service is 0.85% of Assets Under Management.